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Space Clearing: An Interview with Una Drake

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This month, I was fortunate to interview Una Drake, the author of Space Clearing: A Practical Guide, available on Kindle.

In real estate, we come across all sorts of homes and often end up helping clients boxing up for their move or clearing clutter to prepare for selling. I recommend considering an energy space clearing when you are staging a home, it removes residue from previous hardships that may have taken place and makes the area feel lighter and refreshing for potential buyers looking to move.

Below is my full interview with Una Drake:


Q: Could you define “space clearing?”

A: “At its most basic level, space clearing is about removing negative energy from a space. As any architect or home designer knows, we are shaped by the environments we live in. By taking care of your home and the environments you spend the most time in you can ensure proper energy flow and renewal. To stay healthy and happy, you need to keep your environment healthy and happy and clear!

Stagnant energy and thought patterns can build up within a physical space, just like physical dirt and grime. Space clearing clears the negative energy out, so fresh, good energy can flow in.”


Q: Why would someone want space clearing and why is it important when preparing for selling or after you bought a home?

A: “You deserve a fresh start when moving into a new home. Clearing out any leftover energy from former residents is the most important thing you can do upon moving into a new house or apartment.

You just never know what has gone on in a home before you move in. Don’t take any chances.  You owe it to yourself, your family and your future to clear that space!

It is equally important to do a space clearing when you are selling your home, and for basically the same reason as when moving in. However, in this case you want to remove your own energetic stamp and “baggage” from the home, so that prospective buyers can easily imagine themselves living there.

Space clearing is especially important if you are selling under any kind of duress.  The pain and stress of divorce, money issues, health problems, the loss of a job, and so on, all leave an imprint on the space you live in. Prospective buyers can and do pick up on negative energy, even if they don’t consciously realize it. Something will feel “off” about the home, and they will be much less likely to go ahead with the purchase, even if the price, location and other particulars are right.”


Q: What are some personal benefits of space clearing?

A: “Through space clearing we create spaces that are healthy, vital and support us rather than sapping our energy!

Clearing your home allows you to connect with the physical space in a more intimate way. Many people report that they feel more settled in their space after a clearing.  For example, one woman I know had recently purchased a beautiful new home that she loved, but the basement always gave her the creeps. After a space clearing she felt completely comfortable in the basement—no more “ick” factor!”


Q: Can you give us an analogy/example on space clearing?

A: “All life flows. The essence of having fresh energy in a space, in a home, and even in your life, is that it can flow, circulate and be renewed.

This is similar to water. If water cannot flow it becomes stagnant and dank. The oceans must keep their currents. The streams and rivers must flow to the sea. Lakes must be renewed with fresh water. If water becomes stuck, without a way to flow or renew its oxygen, the life it holds will choke out and die.

It is similar with energy. Attending to the flow and renewal of energy in your home is the heart of Feng Shui and space clearing. “


Q: What inspired you? Can you give us an example of a real-life experience?

A: “In working as an apartment manager for a number of years, I had the opportunity to see how stories of tenants played out in individual apartments over time. Sometimes I space cleared units before renting them and sometimes I did not. I noticed that apartments that had been space cleared tended to rent faster and the renters who showed up after a space clearing tended to be great tenants and had calm, happy, uneventful stays.

Strong energy imprints within a space create repeating patterns even if the occupants change. One dramatic example of left over energy affecting the next tenant in an apartment, was a situation I faced where a young man had lost his job and was very distraught. He chose to break his lease and move back to live with his family on the East Coast. I needed to re-rent the apartment as quickly as possible and did not do a space clearing after he moved out. The market was hot and I was able to find a renter right away — a young woman with a good job, making well over the amount needed to qualify for the lease. On the surface she seemed like the perfect renter, but there were complaints from neighbors, and five months after moving in she revealed to me that she had lost her job and was seriously considering breaking her lease! Now, this could have been “just a coincidence,” but in my years of managing, I encountered very few job loss / lease break scenarios. For two situations like this to happen back-to-back in the same apartment, I count this as an anomaly outside of mere coincidence. “


Q: Has doing space clearing affected your life personally?

A: “I have been using space clearing for many years and have found it useful and effective in many different situations. Probably the most memorable was a situation where I was at my wit’s end and had no idea how to turn a particularly challenging situation around. I decided to do a very thorough space clearing on my house with the specific intention of getting rid of any lingering energetic blocks, and to clear the way for the next right action to present itself. Less than five minutes after finishing that space clearing, I got a call from a friend who “just happened” to think of me in regards to an opportunity that completely solved the problem I was dealing with and profoundly improved my family’s life for years to come.”


Q: Can you space clear other spaces, like boats?

A: “Space clearings are most often done on homes, but really any space can be cleared—yes, even boats! One time I was called up to do a clearing on a commercial vessel that had had a particularly challenging history. Its previous owner had died tragically, and even after being bought by new owners, bad luck and problems seemed to hang over this boat like a cloud.  I felt the energy shift during the space clearing, and afterward the vessel was put into commercial service and operated smoothly and profitably for the new owners—no more bad luck!”


Q: How can space clearing help someone in everyday life?

A: “A secret hostess tip is to do a space clearing right before a party. Don’t tell anyone, but it will elevate the energy in the space and lift the mood of all your guests. They won’t know why, but they will feel lighter and happier — even without drinking any alcohol! Conversations will flow more easily, and people will have a great time, making your party fun and memorable for everyone!





Una Drake is the author of Space Clearing: A Practical Guide, available on Kindle.

Coming from a background in shamanic healing and metaphysical work, in 2012, Una began helping clients specifically with love and relationships. Today Una teaches workshops and continues to do metaphysical work and coaching.

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